Sister Louise D. Patterson is the wife of the late Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson, former Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ.  She is a dedicated member and a licensed Evangelist within the COGIC denomination.  Her commitment to God’s work on earth and expanding her husband’s ministry has gained her national recognition among various ecumenical and public organizations and ministries.   

Sister Patterson believes that all things should be done to the glory of God (1 Cor. 10:31) and her life is a vivid example of this belief.

Her Commitment to the Church

Sister Patterson has been and is actively involved in a number of church ministries.  She played a vital role in the Bishop’s Wives Circle.  The International Sunday School Department named its annual pageant in her honor.  

She and Bishop Patterson yearly sponsored a pastors and wives dinner hosting upwards of 5,000 individuals during the Holy Convocation of the Church of God In Christ.  

For many years Sister Patterson taught Sunday school at the church her husband founded, Temple of Deliverance Church of God In Christ (Memphis, TN).  It was through teaching Sunday school that God led her to redesign the structure and materials for the new members’ class.  Her innovative model and approach to new member orientation is currently used among other religious congregations.

Sister Patterson recognized the worldwide influence of her husband and understood that people from across the country enjoyed visiting Temple of Deliverance Church.  She organized the volunteer department and under her leadership developed a volunteer tour guide program for the church. The volunteer department grew from 80 to 800 in the span of five years.

Ministries to serve the needs of those in the church, as well as those outside of the church, are of special importance to Sister Patterson.  She organized the church’s Clothes Closet committed to providing clothing free to the needy. She launched the annual Senior Citizens Dinner held every Christmas to recognize and provide gifts to the senior members of the church.  The Overcomers Award was given by Sister Patterson during the church’s annual Women’s Day to encourage women who have persevered through tremendous hardships and obstacles.

Sister Patterson has a uniquely genuine artistic eye.  Her creative handiwork is prevalent throughout the Temple of Deliverance worship center’s decor.

Her Commitment to Community Service

Community service has always and continues to be at the forefront of Sister Patterson’s life.   She and her late husband have contributed thousands of dollars in scholarship money to help many young people across the country attend college.  Sister Louise is a contributor to the International Dress for Success silent auction donating items from her personal wardrobe admired for their distinctive style and superior quality.  She is a mentor to many young women locally and across the country.  She is an advisor to many pastors’ wives and a symbol of strength to many women across the world.  She has received countless awards and honors for her humanitarian work.

Sister Patterson founded The Total Woman Women’s Conference to highlight national crisis in the African American Community.  The TWWC draws women from across the country inspiring them to take action against the social, physical and spiritual ills affecting our community.  She has given thousands of dollars to such local organizations as Midsouth Food Bank, Porter Leath and several national charities. She supplies several prison libraries with sermons from Bishop Patterson. She sits on the executive board for Proter leath in Memphis TN.

Sister Patterson can be seen every Sunday on many Christian networks as well as non-Christian focused television stations across the country introducing her husband’s ministry to thousands of viewers of the Bountiful Blessings telecast.

Sister Patterson is the President and CEO of Bountiful Blessings, Inc. She serves as general manager of WBBP radio station and president of Podium Records.

Her Commitment to Life

Sister Patterson is blessed with the spirit of restoration.  She has restored many priceless pieces bringing them to near original appearance. Her love for restoration moves beyond inanimate objects to that of helping to restore the lives of men and women who are spiritually broken.  Sister Patterson is known to spend inexhaustible hours encouraging others and directing souls to Christ – the original restorer of hope and healing.

Mrs. Patterson works tirelessly to continue her husband’s legacy.  She spearheaded the effort to erect an eternal flame at the entrance of the Temple of Deliverance Church in his honor.  The flame burns 24-hours a day to remind all that a man of God devoted his life to the unending service of God.

Sister Louise has raised over 20,000.00 for the infant mortality crisis in Memphis and Shelby County. She raised those funds through organizing the first G.E. Patterson 5K Walk/Run 4Life.

Memphis, TN
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