Continued Monthly Discussion Topics:

The Spectrum of Salvation
Hospital Visitation
Jewish Calendar/Christendom
Bible Weights, Measures, Money
Biblical Theology Definitions
Developing a Reading/Study Library
Public Christian Devotion/Worship
The Sacrifice of the Life of Jesus
Lord's Supper/Holy Communion
Christians Holy/Holidays
Dress Code
Pulpit Etiquette
Public Speaking
Christian Ministry
Biblical Mountains
Christian Marriage
Sermon Preparation
Soul Winning
Spiritual Gifts
Ministerial Ethics
Biblical Time
The Lord's Day
The Names of God
Biblical Readings

Ministerial Alliance Home Page

The Ministerial Alliance is comprised of young men, members of the Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ who have acknowledged a divine call upon their life concerning the gospel ministry.  The primary mission of the Ministerial Alliance is to support the vision of our leader, Bishop G. E. Patterson.  Meetings are conducted in an effort to instruct as well as demonstrate to its members knowledge and skills to help become effective in the gospel ministry.  Hence, an educational forum is utilized to ensure each ministers' comfort level in being a profitable servant to the pastor, the church and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Ministers are instructed  in the areas of service, worship, credentials and church responsibilities concerning the local, district, jurisdictional and national church.  Ministers are instructed via handouts, role-playing and topics of discussion.  The Ministerial Alliance's primary purpose and focus is to support all programs of the pastor with 100% compliance as well as develop all members toward their spiritual growth and development in the ministry.

In addition, members of the Ministerial Alliance are encouraged to further their education and skills through approved institutions of the church, i.e. C. H. Mason Bible College.

The Ministerial Alliance add a valuable service to the pastor and church by assisting with the Call To Discipleship, preaching opportunities, security, baptismal services, testimony services, worship services, Holy Communion, and any area deemed necessary by the pastor, assistants to the pastor and worship coordinators.

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