1.  What is the Commission on Education and Doctrine?      

       The purpose of the COED is to assist the National Church in fulfilling her mission and implementing her vision of ministry.
       Training and education are central to the core mission of any church organization.  The church must train clergy, credential holders and the laity, if it is to effectively minister to the needs of our changing society.  The church’s educational ministry also includes a concern for the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social development of children, as they move from infancy into adulthood.  Likewise the future of the church is tied to the perpetuation of sound, spiritually inspired doctrine and to her membership in the Universal Body of Christ.
       Thus the COED will offer the church a comprehensive vision that encompasses ecumenism, doctrinal/historical, graduate and undergraduate educational policies, and related areas.  The COED will serve the church by: 

A.  Developing and promoting standards, policies and practices for the governance of COGIC Bible schools, colleges, and graduate schools and seminaries. 

B.  Fostering ecumenical relationships within and outside of the United States.

C.  Assisting in the development of curricular materials for the ordination of clergy, licensing of credential holders, and the training of lay leaders.

D.  Establishing a unified funding and budgeting plan for all affiliated COGIC Bible Schools, colleges, seminaries, and charter schools.

E.  Organizing and governing the COGIC School of Ministry in Memphis.

F.  Overseeing the History and Doctrine Committee.

G.  Providing assistance to COGIC schools through consulting, conferences and programs.

H.  Establishing the link between the boards of trustees of all COGIC schools, the General Assembly, and the Presiding Bishop’s office.

I.  Establishing a COGIC educational fellowship that encompasses both K-12 and higher education.

J.  Organizing a national association of COGIC College Chaplains.

2. Does the COED grant accreditation to COGIC schools?

     No, we are an association that is committed to helping the church fulfill her mission in the world

3. What are the current divisions within the COED?

       A.   The Charter and Parochial School Division—this develops all standards for               membership, association and governance of any Charter and or Parochial               school that wishes to be recognized by the National Church.

       B.  The College and Graduate School Division—interfaces with all colleges and              graduate schools on matters pertaining to their service to the national church.
             It will serve as the initial Board of Organizers for the COGIC School of
             Ministry and a direct liaison with the C. H. Mason Seminary Board of Trustees.

       C.  The Bible School Division—oversees the administration of the C. H. Mason
            System of Bible Colleges and Institutes.

       D.  The Division on History and Doctrine—works as the official arm of the
             Presiding Bishop and the National Church in preserving the archival and
            historical resources of the organization.  This group will also work with General
            Assembly in addressing long-term issues related to the doctrine and beliefs and
            the church.

       E.  The Ecumenical Division—serves as the church’s liaison to other religious
             denominations and ecumenical agencies. 

       F.  The College Chaplaincy Division


4. Does the COED grant financial aid to individuals and or member schools?  

No, but it serves as the umbrella agency that approves the final budgets of all educational entities that seek funding from the National Church.  These budgets are presented collectively to the National Trustee Board, the Presiding Bishop, and the General Assembly.

5. Who are the members of the COED?

       A.   At-Large Members (Ex-Officio members of all Divisions):  Drs. Harold Bennett;               David D. Daniels; Lytia Howard; Alonzo Johnson, Leonard Lovett;  Velda
              Slack; Goldie Wells

       B.   Members serving on Particular Divisions

@@The Charter and Parochial School Division:
@@The College and Graduate School Division:
@@The Bible School Division:
Elders. Perry Little; Oscar O. Owens; Sis. Lois Moore; 
Dr. Karolyn Pierson; Elder John Redic; Dr. Juliette White

@@The Division on History and Doctrine—  

Dr. Bobby Bean; Dr. Robert Franklin; Sis. Sherrie Dupree;  
Dr.  David Hall; Bishop George D. McKinney.

 @@The Ecumenical Division—

   @@The College Chaplaincy Division—

 Elder Quintin Robertson; Elder Lemuel Thuston

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Dr. Alonzo Johnson

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