Greetings from the Prison Ministry:

     One of the many outreach programs at Temple of Deliverance COGIC is its
prison ministry.

     Comprised of elders, ministers, missionaries and evangelists the prison
ministry team reaches out to the inmate population.  The gospel is preached to
the lost and hurting.  Souls are being saved as a direct result of the gospel
of Jesus Christ.  Women and men are encouraged that with Jesus all things are

     Temple of Deliverance prison ministry team visits several facilities both
in and outside the Memphis area.  Each 2nd Saturday the team travels to
Forrest City, Arkansas to the Federal Correction Institute and to the Memphis
Federal Correction Institute each 3rd Saturday.  Each 4th Sunday the Shelby
County Correction Center.  Each volunteer is trained prior to attending any
one of the facilities.

     From its inception, the prison ministry team has seen hundreds of men
accept Jesus as their personal savior.  Some men have expressed a call to the
ministry and many unite with Temple of Deliverance COGIC upon their release.

     Many of the inmates follow Bishop Patterson's radio and TV ministry on a
daily basis.  Tapes of the ministry are donated to the prison library as well
as literature.

     Other doors are opening for the prison ministry team and many volunteers
are being added.  The harvest is great and God is sending laborers to the
vineyard.  Please pray for the outreach team that God will continue to bless
and make ways to the end the gospel will go forth with power.

     Thank God for Bishop Patterson and his love and concern for ALL men.
Thank God for the word, thank God for Jesus!

Elder J. L. Malone - Coordinator

Eld. Rickey Mosley
Eld. Christopher Phifer
Eld. Eddie Amos
Eld. Calvin Ingram
Eld. Curtis Mcknight
Eld. Charles Moss
Min. Terry Love
Min. John Arnold

Missy. Shirley Perry
Missy. Deaune Love
Evang. Tamara Otey
Evang. Arlene Phifer
Sister Beatrice Mason
Sister Ella Martin
Sister Kathy Leflora


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